Business Description

AtJacks Solutions, Provincial Corporation, is an Entrepreneurial Idea Generation and Labour Pool Services Company that focuses on an individual’s goals and contributions aligned with the company’s executive direction nurturing the path of successful business building. The Target is individuals or small businesses that have little to no knowledge on how to set the foundations necessary to hit the ground running in finding Customers, Clients, or Investors to move their goals, dreams or aspirations forward into realization without effecting their current workflows.

Every employee, contractor, or executive must have a “bread and butter” Business plan to execute either by delegation or their own participation in the labour pool. For example, CEO, Jackson Wraight’s “bread and butter” business plan is A Video Event Capture Business in Appendix B of this proposal. By participating in the Labour Pool as either an employee or contractor, Jackson learns how to market, close sales, provide service, and report through AtJacks Solutions training modules and resources specific to “Video Event Capture.” By participation as an executive member of AtJacks Solutions, Jackson is legally responsible for the daily operations, maintenance, upgrades, reporting, etc. of the departments and projects associated with his position on the executive team. Labour pool members may participate in multiple “bread and butter” business plans, be assigned to fulfillment of a contract, or be placed on an Executive directions “Call-to-Arms” labour requests based on their own skills, interest, and areas to improve.

By providing training in modules and assisting fellow members of the labour pool on their projects. AtJacks Solutions hope to create a “from the bottom to the top” nurturing strategy.Every Member of the labour pool or executive team have their own set of experiences with Business plans, Large contracts, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, etc. and it is in nurturing those at the bottom to learn from our mistakes at the top that the company will continue to grow.

The idea of AtJacks Solutions is to teach due process and continually build upon the idea’s that have completed due process and show tremendous potential for growth. It is rooted in the understanding that ideas are only delusions until there is support and foundation for them to grow on. Lastly, if a labour pool member has no idea, that is fine too because we will teach how to build business plans from others good ideas, while learning how to do the work others have already paved the path for. 
For Clarity, It is Important to understand that Every member of the labour pool has the right to walk away with their developed idea(s) before, during, or after their time as a contractor, employee, or executive of AtJacks Solutions INC. In no way does that make the idea(s) the full ownership of the labour pool member. The Shared Responsibility of the foundations used to help implement and deploy the idea(s) that are the heart of this business plan allows AtJacks Solution INC. right to negotiate their continued participation in providing the developed ideas’ Products or Services.

In Short, AtJacks Solutions INC helps individuals with skills or talent to create at least one business plan. AtJacks Solutions INC Provides them the basic tools and day-to-day business operation structure in order to focus on Marketing, Sales, Customer Relationship Development, Deployment, and Execution to START TODAY. These Labour pool members (or clients of AtJacks Solutions) can choose to have multiple businesses but ultimately their in charge of their own success, and be taught the skills to make them successful. All Members’ client relations are collected to offer customers engaging in any of the multiple businesses the full view of ALL the products and services of our talented staff.

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