7 Words For Aspirations

“Strive for your ideal place.” Those that try to achieve their dreams must go through hardships. There may come times when you fail and lose sight of that dream. But you must never let the flame in your heart go out.

“You do not get the things you dream of, you get the things you work for.”

“Do not compare yourself with others, do what only you can do.”

“To see it through, patience is important.”

“When traditional and modern conventions mingle, the gate to an unseen world will open.”

“Thank you” It’s important to thank those that put aside their own dreams to help pave the path for yours. Thanking them by giving back with putting aside your dream to help them with theirs too is part of creating the harmonious healing effect of more than just the word “thank you.”

“Connect with other people and your dreams will grow.”  In the spirit of “thank you”, the deep appreciation that your journey is never yours alone is shown through this word. It is the most powerful word in understanding your ideal place is nowhere if you can’t be thankful for the connections that bring you there.

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