Everything You need to know about what's happening with us

 I think, from the deepest ends of my heart, that everyone deserves to feel cared about. That overpowering nature that a single action with an ounce of kindest hidden away amidst the layers of trauma can shake someones entire existence. Little does human kind ever know that the antithesis can shake harder. We grow up learning that to shake someone's life is powerful. As we become adults, we understand the worst shake is the people who traumatize you in order to shape your existence. Whether it was on-purpose, thoughtless action, or sub-conscious manifestation of their own trauma, those people shake your very existence.

 That's why this Article is such a hard pill to swallow. 

 We owe it to ourselves and others to be better then we were yesterday.

 Let's not fool ourselves, There's way too much work in caring.

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