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5/19/21 - I want to start his one off a parallel to trench warfare. Where the the troops where treated like non human garbage.
Can you really people that the only difference is that they arent shipping me off to die? just repeat robotic and brainwashed task until i become the perfect model to their own training and design?

forward we march
“The trench was a horrible sight. The dead were stretched out on one side, one on top of each other six feet high. I thought at the time I should never get the peculiar disgusting smell of the vapour of warm human blood heated by the sun out of my nostrils. I would rather have smelt gas a hundred times. I can never describe that faint sickening, horrible smell which several times nearly knocked me up altogether.”

– British Captain Leeham

Look it has to be said. aimlessly firing away repeating the sam task over and over is insanity. " oh i cant help you with that, that is a different department, i can transfer you?" Let's go talk to my manager!" "I have a offer esspically made for you" If you think these phrases make you clever or tricky you already lost the person's loyality! Sure, You might win them but they will play the next guy like you played them.
Treat others the way you want to be treated! Simple, You expect me to have a 5 minute response time then i expect to see the same no excuses.
Maybe instead of fighting amongst ourselves scurringing around wait for the next order to run to the next trench before we loss mommentum in our 15m gap dispositioning.

I need help and your not the one giving it to me therfore you are standing in my way so move and let me do my job.
Do onto others what you wish to be done onto you.

Do you ever feel like you are stuck in an endless loop that you cant get out of the madness stirs you awake into a position of constant reputition that if you broke out of it someone would consider you an outcast.
Hi, i am human not a robot. I make mistakes and question abnormalities, try to improve and grow. Endless loops put me on edge, like something bad is going to happen because I'm choosing not to pay attention.
Lets go now again 1. make the call. 2. pass the call for them to reate an action somewhere in the business. 3. wait on no data provided for the progress on the action. 4. call for more action. 5. call for more action... tec
service tickets sound like a great idea!
1. i have to make pointless calls back to back to back endlessly ... 2. at any ppoint i have 5 minutes to respond to any impromptu zoom meetings... 3. i have a customer with issue they would like me to look into and neither of thos two prioizoly allow me to respond to the customer
most of all this is because the only metric they can track well currently is call volume.

My name isnt even in this google form so i can't fill it out. I get that im on a different campaign but it is seriously degrading for not be participating like the rest of the "family"

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