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5/20/21 - Oh no here i go off again. and the anexity rises that how much of a waste of time it would be to chase after me spending a momment to vent. If they found these entry, or the bread crumbs leading to this site. Look the answer in sales in funnels. you know the lifecycle your customer has con through you can sell them anything because you have report and if you dont have it build it quick and maintain your invested interest. Even after said employment, I might honest never leave my services with bell because I know understand there systems and how to navigate them.
I'd only hope if you have taken the time to read this entries you have either A) taken the efforts to understand what i have to offer as another hardworking human being or B) are Evaluting the validity of my business ethics and practises before finding the courage to engage me at your pace. Because I am the honest salesman after all. I'm not here to bambosal you into buying more unless we can see purpose or revenue generating potiential.

I burnt out 7 times over 4 months with this job. If i cant write these journal entries.

Oh here is some fun interactions to pick on. Leave comments in {}.

Welcome to chat. Let’s connect you with a live agent. To start, could you tell us your name?
You: Hello
Jan Mabelle: Hello and welcome to Bell's chat service. How may I provide you with excellent service today?
You: Jan you can tell me all the details about order number B******** and why we have not received their bell streamer, home hub 3000 upgrade, and the return documentation
Jan Mabelle: Sure and I will be more than happy to check that for you.
Jan Mabelle: Apologies for the trouble and before we proceed may I have your name as it appears on the service order, installation date and phone # used to sign up with the service.
You: yes
You: ***************
You: agent never provided an instaltion date because it was a migration of services
Jan Mabelle: I am so sorry to know since this is a migration of service, may I please have the account # and the account holder's name as it appears on the bill.
You: please standbye as I collect the information you require for a second time
Jan Mabelle: Thank and am I chatting with the account holder?
You: no the account rep
You: EZ8****
You: Jackson Wraight
You: bell internal
Jan Mabelle: Thank you. Please have the account holder chat back with us or call our direct line, we are required to performed security validation with the only the account holder or authorized users.
You: oh so im not allowed to help the client and you are refusing to help this client yourself?
Jan Mabelle: We are not allowed to provide or disclose any account information to any non- authorized user on the account.
Jan Mabelle: I will connect you over to our resolutions team so that we can help the customer further. Please stay with me.
You: so whats the point of this live chat>
You: please an thank you
Jan Mabelle has left the chat
You are being transferred, please hold...
Agent Patricia Jasmine enters chat
Patricia Jasmine:
Hi! Thank you for waiting on the queue. I appreciate your patience. This is Patricia from Resolutions Team. and we'll make sure to find the best resolution to your concern together.
Patricia Jasmine: I am now reading your previous conversation, stay online. Thank you kindly.
You: k
Patricia Jasmine: Thank you so much for staying with me over chat.

You: no worries
You: can you help me with order B******
Patricia Jasmine: I understand that this was regarding on the Bell streamer and the return labels for Mr. And Ms. Chapman's account and I am chatting with Mr. Wraight? Is that right?
You: that is all correct
Patricia Jasmine: I understand. I can definitely help you but it would be best if I speak with the account holders regarding on this for them to be fully validated in my end. As representatives, validation is very much important. Are you with them right now or over the phone?
You: i am currently keepig to my metrics of making as many outbound calls on my own campaign and thought to multitask getting this ball rolling. Feel free to call them at the number on the address until you reach them
You: they will be expecting a call explaining why they havent revieved
Patricia Jasmine: I see. Also here on chat, validation is crucial for any incoming chats thus speaking to account holders are necessary for us to proceed with any info or changes. That would be very much helpful. I'll be needing to speak to them directly and validate the account an help them further with their concerns. I'll call the numbers on file.
You: that is no worries they are just looking for answers
You: thank you for putting this on your tasks to complete today
Patricia Jasmine: I'll make sure to reach them. I'll be calling the number on file after this chat. Anything else aside from this matter?
You: Yes, is there a direct line to your resolutions team that i can use in the future for issues i need relsoving for the customers who i have sold products and services to?
You: either phone or chat would be great
You: this has been more efficent then 310 bell
Patricia Jasmine: Resolutions team can be reached thru this chat line or direct number 1866-269-7956.
You: Thank you very much Patricia for everything today. I hope you have a wonderful evening :)
Patricia Jasmine: You're most welcome! Thank you so much as well for your time and for reaching resolution team! Have a great evening!
You: oh be sure... you're whole team will get to know me very well very soon
Patricia Jasmine: I understand. Thank you so much again! I'll be now calling the numbers on file after this chat! Stay safe!
You: you to thank you
Patricia Jasmine: Please click the [x] icon to close the chat. Thank you!

Im just as frsutrated as the customer at this point. Do i have to ask my customers to put me as an authorized contact on either account just to get a little further being the great bell canada fire wall? why does my employer not even trust me to have their customers best interest in mind. or is that the murderous thought? My employer does have their customers best interest in mind?

Im hungry right now. I want a sub from subway. but to drive and disconnect myself from my job... am i not allowed to eat until 8pm? or just not allowed to have any unprepare food that distracts me from calls

5/20/21 - OMG can you let me work please?!?! or is that the point micro managing the guy who is trying to help someone is the best way to loss the customer. STOP PLAYING GAMES PEOPLE! I am done putting up with telling me that i am not doing my job and can't wait for the next time they tell me so

[2:32 p.m., 2021-05-21] Amr Alasfar: Hey Jackson, why you are not making calls?
[2:35 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: been on the phone with the resolution team saince our zoom ended for an issue one of my custoer is having with there sevice
[2:35 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: Id suggest you audit the call to 1866 269 7956 if you have any issues
[2:37 p.m., 2021-05-21] Amr Alasfar: I’d recommend to inform me before you have any gap and spend the time with supporting the customer for hour and 36 min!
[2:37 p.m., 2021-05-21] Amr Alasfar: Could you send me the customer info to update it in the gap report please.
[2:37 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: sorry i got lost in the conversation after 1 hour of the customer bitching at me
[2:38 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: i'll be sure to report it next time
[2:38 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: however i really suggest to you and jason audit the call
[2:41 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: ooops since it so pressing i ended the call to return to making outbound calls.... turns out when you are the one that merged the calls you have to stay on the line or the call will be dropped
[2:42 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: kinda makes it difficult to leave a call to order desk if they get disccounnected
[2:52 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: it is too bad i cant disposition calls and txts post-sales to ensure the customer is engaed and my metrix can reflect my work effortd
[2:53 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: because then it wouldnt be considered a gap
[2:53 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: it would just be doing work
[2:53 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: like answering emails
[2:54 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: or being on zoom meetings
[2:55 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: Question? do you have minute by minute dispositions as managers that you have to adhere to as well? just a personal questiom
[2:55 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: because i know you are doing your job really well
[3:33 p.m., 2021-05-21] Amr Alasfar: Any 15 min and more gap shows a red flag beside the rep name and I get email from SF as well.
[3:33 p.m., 2021-05-21] Amr Alasfar: And any gap by end of the week has to be reported to the higher management
[3:33 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: nice can i have them send to me too? might help remind me to remind you
[3:34 p.m., 2021-05-21] Amr Alasfar: Unless the gap is related to the business or something urgent happened to the agent
[3:34 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: i would love acces to the tools to monitar my self and catch myself to
[3:34 p.m., 2021-05-21] Amr Alasfar: But I’ve been updated before the gap that’s why i inform you guys to keep me posted
[3:34 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: so you can be more focused on helping the other reps
[3:35 p.m., 2021-05-21] Amr Alasfar: No it’s just managerial level on SF
[3:35 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: ya no worries i aprrichate the warn
[3:35 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: just trying to optimize the process so you dont have to worry about my "excusses"
[3:35 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: OH I SEE

{so time to switch to tone while secretly probing}
[3:52 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: you know why I've been quite in chat for so long? Because I've been scared because i feel like i have nothing good to say. because everything to come out of my mouth is just "excuses" to the man i look up to the most because i can see your natural talents in sales
[3:52 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: lol sorry guys for breaking the trend i had to answer a customers concerns
[3:53 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: I worried that tell the team how im letting them down isnt the right mood
[3:53 p.m., 2021-05-21] Amr Alasfar: No need for that
[3:53 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: no need to worry?
[3:53 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: i do all the time amr
[3:54 p.m., 2021-05-21] Amr Alasfar: It’s just between me and you, everyone has sometimes reason we’re they have gap
[3:54 p.m., 2021-05-21] Amr Alasfar: As long as you be positive in the huddles you can share the positive things to the group too
[3:55 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: maybe i can switch my prespective that I'm not afraid of your reminders or interactions as excuses but simply your duty and that youhave my back with becoming even better at this job every day
[3:55 p.m., 2021-05-21] Amr Alasfar: The group based on you guys and your thought and results
[3:56 p.m., 2021-05-21] Amr Alasfar: It’s open for any good idea or tips or motivate the team
[3:56 p.m., 2021-05-21] Amr Alasfar: One team one dream!
{so cheesy! no more like compeditive us versus them everywhere, and individual dreams that don't match!}
{I've told all of them im looking for a relationship that will last, they seen my 150 page business plan, and if anyone of you actually read this comment i'll be impressed.
[3:57 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: am i a threat to that dream?[3:57 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: am i a threat to that dream?
[4:44 p.m., 2021-05-21] Amr Alasfar: Yes sir!
[4:45 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: well thank you for the honesty .... how do gain the trust to be a part of the one dream again
[4:46 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: because I obviously Dont want to be a threat to anyones dreams
[4:46 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: dont even understand how i am a threat to anyone honestly
OK I'm not sure how long crafting this email to inform a customer of the move offer received in our emails is gonna take but i thought i'd let you know in case there so happens to be disposition gaps during this time. However i will do my best to multi task aqnd continue making calls to the best of my ability



On a less murderous thought. Since I started these entries the newest recrut to the team messaged me on the team showing me his worries of not getting the results he was hoping for. like life on the high seas plundeering is all fun and games and the money comes pouring in. I didnt tell him but he just walked into a trap. If the training you received is the same trainning everyone else received and you are human and not robots. How is anything any of your colleage says to you not a "sales trick". to continue the engagment and position, prop, prime. It is a religious cult of vicious murderous. Good luck with you empathy and us it as your super power to sniff out the billshit around every corner kid.
I do still want to share our interactions because 50/50 mix bullshit pick me up and honest to fault

[4:07 p.m., 2021-05-07] +1 (226) 332-4129: Hey Jackson, hope you are doing well!
[4:08 p.m., 2021-05-07] +1 (226) 332-4129: Are you taking calls for the SD Verification
[4:14 p.m., 2021-05-07] Jackson Wraight: Doing well... yes I'm on the same campaign. Do you have any questions?
[4:20 p.m., 2021-05-07] +1 (226) 332-4129: Yeah I was just curious cuz I dialed over 10+ customers and the number never goes through
[4:20 p.m., 2021-05-07] +1 (226) 332-4129: Like its super rare that a cx even picks up. And actually proceeds with the call
[4:20 p.m., 2021-05-07] +1 (226) 332-4129: Does that happen to you as well?
[4:21 p.m., 2021-05-07] Jackson Wraight: keep calling is all ive been told
[4:21 p.m., 2021-05-07] +1 (226) 332-4129: Alright thanks
[4:21 p.m., 2021-05-07] +1 (226) 332-4129: Got d/c again. Lol
[4:21 p.m., 2021-05-07] Jackson Wraight: the lists are what they are. and it our job to go through themwith a fine tooth comb
[4:22 p.m., 2021-05-07] +1 (226) 332-4129: Haha alright, ty
[4:22 p.m., 2021-05-07] +1 (226) 332-4129: I was just wondering if you had the same experience
[4:22 p.m., 2021-05-07] Jackson Wraight: especially by Friday you are probably on your 3 re loop if not more right
[4:23 p.m., 2021-05-07] +1 (226) 332-4129: Im on 15 calls with no answer
[4:23 p.m., 2021-05-07] +1 (226) 332-4129: I think possibly 2nd?
[4:25 p.m., 2021-05-07] Jackson Wraight: if you worry about it you will throw yourself into a mindset that wont help
[4:25 p.m., 2021-05-07] Jackson Wraight: just keep a steady pace and smile while you dial
[4:25 p.m., 2021-05-07] Jackson Wraight: Jason or amr are great at letting you know how you can imporve
[4:25 p.m., 2021-05-07] +1 (226) 332-4129: Okay, sounds good
[4:26 p.m., 2021-05-07] +1 (226) 332-4129: Its mostly from cx's not picking up.
[4:28 p.m., 2021-05-07] Jackson Wraight: if you have any worries feel free to voice them to amr
[4:29 p.m., 2021-05-07] Jackson Wraight: i can only give you advice 😎
[4:29 p.m., 2021-05-07] +1 (226) 332-4129: Thanks
[4:29 p.m., 2021-05-07] +1 (226) 332-4129: On it!
[4:35 p.m., 2021-05-20] +1 (226) 332-4129: Hey Jackson, I was just curious; did you chose to be in the SD campaign?
[4:36 p.m., 2021-05-20] +1 (226) 332-4129: I haven't made 1 sale. Last week I had calls 4-8 and this week as well I haven't made 1 sale yet. Do you think I could re join the SD Campagin?
[4:37 p.m., 2021-05-20] Jackson Wraight: add... dont ever give up
[4:37 p.m., 2021-05-20] Jackson Wraight: every positive interaction you have with a customer is a potiential to plant the seed of bell products or services
[4:38 p.m., 2021-05-20] Jackson Wraight: the journey isnt easy but we do what we are told to do
[4:38 p.m., 2021-05-20] +1 (226) 332-4129: Every call I make goes to voice mail, and IF the person does ever pick up; 99% chances are they say no and not interested and I can't change their mind no matter how hard I try.
[4:38 p.m., 2021-05-20] Jackson Wraight: so my advice. the sales will come
[4:38 p.m., 2021-05-20] +1 (226) 332-4129: I am not sure how Anup and other guys make these sales.
[4:38 p.m., 2021-05-20] Jackson Wraight: yep it is maddening trying being on outbound call since januaray
[4:38 p.m., 2021-05-20] +1 (226) 332-4129: Okay, I mean I am not giving up. Its just that its really slow to get there
[4:39 p.m., 2021-05-20] Jackson Wraight: yep
[4:39 p.m., 2021-05-20] Jackson Wraight: but you are payed for the really slow
[4:39 p.m., 2021-05-20] Jackson Wraight: in the live event industry it was called hurry up and wait
[4:39 p.m., 2021-05-20] +1 (226) 332-4129: But in the end I do need to provide results since I am in my probationary period..
[4:39 p.m., 2021-05-20] +1 (226) 332-4129: Oh lol
[4:39 p.m., 2021-05-20] +1 (226) 332-4129: 😅
[4:39 p.m., 2021-05-20] Jackson Wraight: because when there was something to do you had to be trained to act fast and develiver a great experience
[4:40 p.m., 2021-05-20] +1 (226) 332-4129: How come you are not part of the OBTM campagin?
[4:40 p.m., 2021-05-20] +1 (226) 332-4129: Did you chose not to?
[4:40 p.m., 2021-05-20] Jackson Wraight: well add... do you feel your results are lacking or that the oppertunites are just not there
[4:40 p.m., 2021-05-20] Jackson Wraight: are you contantly imporving
[4:41 p.m., 2021-05-20] Jackson Wraight: if you are trying to imporve every chance you get then you are doing your best
[4:41 p.m., 2021-05-20] +1 (226) 332-4129: I would say opportunities of finding that person to agree, or even just listen to me.
[4:41 p.m., 2021-05-20] Jackson Wraight: if your best isnt good enough that for someelse to tell you and adapt
[4:41 p.m., 2021-05-20] Jackson Wraight: yep but keep trying
[4:41 p.m., 2021-05-20] Jackson Wraight: you never know when you find the right vibe with a person
[4:42 p.m., 2021-05-20] Jackson Wraight: and it turn into multipule sales
[4:42 p.m., 2021-05-20] Jackson Wraight: patieinces
[4:42 p.m., 2021-05-20] +1 (226) 332-4129: Haha I am hoping on each call I make lol
[4:42 p.m., 2021-05-20] +1 (226) 332-4129: Thanks Jackson!
[4:42 p.m., 2021-05-20] Jackson Wraight: and that is the mentality too keep strong :)
[4:44 p.m., 2021-05-20] +1 (226) 332-4129: Will keep trying and give my best! thanks for the motivation :D
[1:02 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: ass you can see keep motivated
[1:03 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: as**
[1:03 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: the knoweldeg comes with time but the key is not being afraid to lead the conversation and show them you are ready to do great work for them if they give you the chance
[1:05 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: be confident that this family has your back and that you will work hard for anyone who give you the oppertunity to provide a digital solution
[1:05 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: aka... you are their solution
[1:06 p.m., 2021-05-21] +1 (226) 332-4129: Haha, I always had the trouble to lead conversations, but all this information and knowledge has really been helping me in my social settings as well 😅
[1:06 p.m., 2021-05-21] +1 (226) 332-4129: Thank you! :)
[1:18 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: RIGHT!
[1:18 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: :) it crazy how learning how to sell helps build confidence
[1:19 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: I'm glad that you are at least having fun with it
[1:22 p.m., 2021-05-21] +1 (226) 332-4129: It surely does help build confidence and shapes your personality as well. I had an extreme introvert personality and after having to work in customer service and now in sales; talking with anyone is so much easier.
[1:22 p.m., 2021-05-21] +1 (226) 332-4129: I absolutely am! Really happy to be part of something
[1:23 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: oh introverts :) there are a few othere empathic people in our ranks that struggled at first just know you are never alone ok?
[1:23 p.m., 2021-05-21] +1 (226) 332-4129: Thanks! :)
[1:26 p.m., 2021-05-21] +1 (226) 332-4129: I don't really share this with many; but I was on anti depressants for my anxiety and just dealing with people on a day to day life basis. And now I don't take them anymore because I never really needed it. It was more of acceptance and learning to make connections.
[1:28 p.m., 2021-05-21] +1 (226) 332-4129: I have been in this company for 3 weeks and I already feel amazing to be part of a family who cares. Sharing information, knowledge, ideas and listening to you even when you are wrong.
[1:28 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: some of us have been to dark places as well, and i will tell you i choose this job too to get over my own weakness so lets grow and become even greater together ok?
[1:28 p.m., 2021-05-21] +1 (226) 332-4129: That sounds like a plan!! 🚀🚀🚀
[1:29 p.m., 2021-05-21] Jackson Wraight: like any family there will be time you feel pushed out but dont worry about it.

OK OK I'm sitting here talking to myself and remebering a few of the key flags that came up during MY interactions. Which are only on my mind because like the conversation above "I've been trained to sharkproof, everything!"
Powerful Words:
"Excuses" like "Every time i have a question for you, you seem to have an excuse"
{no maybe I have objections to the way you are treating me messa. Should I go back to picking cotton before you choose to whip me again sir?}{LEARN YOUR HISTROY PEOPLE AND LEARN FROM IT DONT REPEAT IT!!!!}
"Suspicious" like "the data doesnt seem to add up and it is just suspicious."
{it is suspicious that you are more thinking AHAY! I FOUND HIS JOURNEY ENTRIES! he was typing there in't of using his fat fingers to make a call. lets fire him now that I put all this effort into make sure he is firable}
"micro-managing" like "we dont micro manage you in the tasks you need to get done"
{what do you think tracking my every disposition and gap is?}

IS is just me or being place on this SD box champaign a big middle finger to my abilites to make a sale myself without everyone patting my back?

"Thanks a ton to all
Here In Canada I was alone but now have a big family with outstanding family members. This is my power and this is my positive motivation toward next. Thanks to all ❤️❤️❤️"

Am I out casted from this family because all of them feel like I dont know what it means to work hard to be here?
not sure if i want to be part of a family that are pushy for their own self serving objectives to win. not to make this an us versus them because this is canada we all live here harmoniously.

The act of hiding away when presenting data to the world. Cowrdly. how many times do i have to say it. Do onto others as you want done onto you!


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