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5/25/21 - Warrior this WARRIOR THAT... none of us are warriors. What a toxic mindset. Think about it. It is not a storm that a warrior faces. He faces other warriors for the bloodshed. Are we shedding blood with every activation of bell products and services? Well, this toxic mentality might be shedding the blood of bells reputation for a warrior to win at the any cost. Bell's training tells us to know when to walk away but I dont see any anyone reenforcing that mentality. When a customer doesn't want you calling them? what rep in their right mind is going to purposely put them on at least the internal do not call list. no a single warrior will because they want another warrior to have a chase at slashing and stabbing aka harsing the potiential customer to the point where they give into getting there services changed only to continue having issues with getting empathtic customer service.
Look catch up with the times. War isn't the answer to lifes problems. combatative nature doesn't nuture grow it only creates destructions. War torn countries know this. they call north american the land of the free not so that you are free to fight amongst eachother. You are free to respect eachother for what you can and cannot offer.

More adventures into the mess that is bell customer support with will be week 3 into getting a resolution for this customer. For god shakes, her husband has parkasens and just needs a more streamlined solution then pressing buttons or scrolling through lists of channels to watch what he wants to watch.
The Worst part of this experience is that I literally cannot do anything for this customer. My direct managers dont communicate with me with previous customers that I asked them for timely solutions for and my standing in the company means I have no work around when it comes to privacy issues of having the customer on the line. I hope some of you are taking notes of how these systems clear dont help you as the customer.

You know the worst part of this job is that it makes me hate people because they are literally finding every sneaky way to avoid letting me do my job. That is because any who has been trained in sales in any way knows that the interaction can be very dominnearing. You have to keep control of the conversation which for a submissive personality it is a reaction to run and hide. You would also find a locking of horns when dealing with another dominate personality or worse someone who decides that trolling you is the name of the game today.
It is bad because before every call people already know how they feel about bell and changing that mindset to build report is not conducive to the call metrics they wish us to keep. speaking of which I better make another call now.

THE INCENTIVE EMAILS!!!! OHHHH... so let us think this through. If it is an incentive to make a sale then what am i getting paid mimium wage to do? aahhhh help the customer?


a little email to my mother during my break about booking my winter tears to be switched with my summer

Lol. i think so am i and that why im having fun today thinking about how my every action to do good work today will continue to be misconstrued as not doing any work because I'm emailing people who have engaged me and chasing there problems rather then harassing them with phone call after phone call. I mean if i have nothing to do then i'll make another call. But I THINK :P


WAITIAITAITATIATIATI WWHWHHWHGATATAWHhWWTTATATTA. What did this pirate just see. DATA GATHERING@!@!!!@!@@!! YES!@ I caught you my employer bell! You are doing magnificiant changes to your sight and I hope to fucking god you are Adding that tracking information URL I spotted to sales force.

[1:49 p.m., 2021-05-25] Jackson Wraight: I got a lead via email that i am chasing now so if there is a gap in disposition that it why. He was a previous OBTM callback limit of 3/9/21. Who has now reengaged me and shared a number that i can reach him at
[2:07 p.m., 2021-05-25] Amr Alasfar: Ok thanks for updating me!
[7:18 p.m., 2021-05-25] Jackson Wraight: i bet you can't even believe that im still chasing that customers issues :P
[7:24 p.m., 2021-05-25] Amr Alasfar: Really! What is his problem?
[7:34 p.m., 2021-05-25] Jackson Wraight: week and a half without received a promised bell streamer


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