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5/26/21 - Ok re-count.

order made with a missing bell streamer

resolution department was engaged to solve the issue

left a voicemail to the client saying they weren't eligible

resolution department put me as a registered user on this account (which i feel uncomfortable but was the only way to stop getting stone walled by my own colleagues because they didn't like what they were hearing)

Asked to be connected to the department's manager and disconnected Once

attempt 2 disconnected Twice

attempt 3 the attempt 2 agent actually called back ready to transfers me to loyalty (AKA nordia/order desk SURPRISE!!!!) when I asked to speak to a manager.

tansfered and explained to the new agent that it has been a long process of historical interactions and the agent was able to read the notes regarding the bell streamer being the issue. Was able to quick add a code for bell stream and create the order with ease, but was still hesitant to transfer me to a manger to escalate the interaction because there is no issue.

Spoke with a manager after my working hours for about 30m and he told me the director is a personal friend and at the same level the director I report too.


next we talk about how my TM has literally removed me from the call counters he uses to moviate eachother for better call volume. toxic. toxic. toxic.
I just don't understand how people are so cold to eachother.

A very light day when it comes to my murderous thoughts. However, I must admit that I am being a landing page to send to a customer you is a realtor. Should be posted by no. go ahead click home.

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