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The title "100 harasments per agent per day!"


It is time to face the music. Cold calling and door to door campaigning is an out dated sales tactic. There are many ways to approach customers empatheticly outside of an unsolicated call with the sole purpose of bullying the customer into upgrades or purchases they don't need.

Maybe having a job during a pendemic has made every telemarketer underestimate that compassion is what human nature is about. instead it has turned into all out trench warefare. Claiming one trench at a time to move a little further past the competition because have the larger pie of market share is the most important priority handed down from the generals who have demonstrated time and time again that their business ethics don't matter. 

Will there ever be an armistice, a treaty, a truce. No it is not in the nature of the world we live in today to be kind and courteous. Hell the amount of billing errors and poor work ethics are directly related to the scrutteny you get for having even 10 minutes to yourself. to collect yourself? pee? get a coffee? or even partisipate in the training practises of sharkproofing your sales. I can't believe how many times I've had to go back with the customers permission to solidify already disccused prevously. Why liking like it to trench warefare?  the telemarking solders are are with their weapon only. The sales grid of offers and the campaign in which high metrics outweigh listening and caring for the customer. 

Now lets bring in some external references. on day one of door to door. I came across a highly intelligent man you already has his shit together as a successful business man. You can tell by the house and car and care for the yard. my manager was shadowing me at the time when he casually mentioned that a bill prohibiting door to door sales.

Bill 193, Door-to-Door Sales Prohibition Act, 2016 - Legislative Assembly of Ontario (

My boss in typical salesman fashion back peddles and tells him that bell has allowed us to be here and that we are only here to discuss the newest offers available to him. Made me go into research mode to find the actual documentation in order to be better prepared. there is an execemption for telecommunication companies.



Interesting interaction with the customer. They agreed that there is value in having a representative who can help them navigate bells systems and get them the best results. However the customer mentioned that they were unsure if the rep truly had their best interest at heart or were bound to the companies directives. If this customer voiced this I wonder how many feel this way and don't say anythin


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